Ambun Suri, the guard of Krancang Minangkabau Embroidery

WISATAHALAL.COM,BUKITTINGGI–The City of Bukittinggi ,West Sumatra has become an overcrowded area by tourist vehicless since the last view years. Especially at some strategic  points such us a tourist destination around the clock Tower which well known as Jam Gadang in Minang Language and shopping center in upper market  and Aur Kuning .

In the Holidays its very difficult to find the emty rooms Hotels around the crowded city. Buk Suri, the guard of Krancang Minangkabau Embroideryittinggi is now known as a tourist city , a destination for domestic and foreign who come to west Sumatra . But actually , the City has a long history and even become a capital of the state of Indonesia .


Beside of the City of Tourist destination and its long history , Bukittinggi at west Sumatra also known as the producer of Krancang Embrodery as an original craft of embrodery , made by hand made which have  a heavy threads abd holes .

Chief and owner of Ambun Sari embrodery Ida Arleni said that  the result of real handmade is better and much hinger price compared if made Computer . because of its unique proses technique with  a hight skill of  Embradery skill with genuine process. A quality is a mandatory process need the bauties of tyles and motives and a high skill of craftman .

The Market not only for domistic coverage but also International market has become customers , with the everage price start from 150,000 until 5 millions for each based on the motive difficulties and styles.

Keeeping the quality as one of Ambun Sari succes’s key beside active in all fashion and crafts exhibition both National and International event and expo.

source ; Antara

Ambun Sari Embrodery  Business Contact : +62 812 6697 001

Jalan Supratman  No.21 Kel
Tarok Dipo
Guguk Panjang
Kota Bukittinggi
Sumatera Barat 26136


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