Do you Know The Benefits Of Dayak Onions from Kalimantan| Kalimantan Dayak Onions and also known as Tiwai onions   are a type of onion that is cultivated on Borneo Island as known as Kalimantan , particulary on midle Kalimantan . The name dayak onion is given based on the name of the dayak tribes in Kalimantan . Dayak tribes take the benefits of Dayak Onion to treat various deseas .

When viewed in term of appearance , dayak onion do not differ much from onion , but the shape does look more oval compared to general onions . Another feature that can distinguish the dayak onion plants is from shallots which has white beautiful flower .

Health Benefits from Dayak Onion

The Helth benefits of Dayak Onions are obtained from the contents of natural chemical such us alcaloids , steroids, flavonoids, glycosides, tannins , phelonics , and other benefits contents . checkllod the following explanations about Dayak Onions health benefits :

  1. AntiCancer Become an anticancer agent , because of containing compounds named naphatocuinones , and many other compounds that are able to work to reduce the activity  of Cyclin E-Cells . it will be abble to trigger the destruction of cancer cells .
  2. Control Blood Presure High Blood Pressure is very common desease and can affect anyone. Dayak onion is able to lower blood ,because of alisin compound which found in Dayak Onion and have deuretic form
  3. Treat Kidnay stones Dayak Onion can treat this dease because it can reduce unine PH  and reduce calciums levels and help in drestruct process of kidnay Stone
  4. Reducing Blood Sugar Levels  Dayak Onion could help control Blood Sugar Levels , because of having Flavonoids , glycosides and also saponins that could help control Blood Sugar levels.
  5. Prevent coronary heart deases Dayak Onion could prevent this deases because of having Phelonic compounds .
  6. Anti Inflammatory As an anti inflammatory , Dayak Onion are effective for curing deases causes by inflammation like arthritis, tonsils and hepatitis , because of having flavonoids
  7. Counter Free radicals  The next efficacy of Dayak Onions is toward off fre radicals because of having anthocyianin  compunds .
  8. Skin care The next benefits of Dayak Onion is for Skin care which could brighten the face and skin and treat the black spot on the face skin
  9. Increase Metabolism By Having alcoloids compunds , Dayak Onion could increase Body Metabolism and repair the metabolic sytem
  10. Good for Female Reproductive system  Dayak Onion could help repair and increase the reproduction part of female because of having plavanoids and saponins compunds .

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