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As a cultured nation, cultural preservation is not only limited to maintaining traditions and customs in the area, but can also be done by introducing the potential of local wisdom to other areas, one of which is through handicraft.

As Eva Harlia (35 years old), a variety of pandan leaf woven products craftsmen in Pantai Cermin area, Serdangbedagai (Sergai). His expertise in weaving that was obtained since he was a child he continued by making it as a business.

The owner of the Menday Craft Pandan business tells that pandan weaving is a culture in his birthplace, supported by raw materials which are mostly found on the seashore since childhood. The knowledge of weaving is passed down from generation to generation and is certainly useful to make it 10 years ago (2008) decided to bring its woven products to a higher level.


“The process, pandanus is taken from the tree, then discarded the thorns, cleavage, boiled made soft so that the results of pandanus become soft. Then soaked two days and two nights for evisceration, then dried in the sun for two days. After being finished, the color is white, then “The coloring process is done by boiling water in a container, then natural textile dyes are put in. After that the starch is also inserted, stirred and cooked for five minutes and then aired,” said the mother of three children.

Eva said, there are four basic colors of textile dyes namely, blue, red, green and purple. But mixing two or more of these basic dyes will produce other colors. The color variation is needed because it is characteristic of Malay woven products that are identical with bright colors.

The weaving process is the easiest, Eva said. However, the difference in width of the pandanus woven makes the time to complete the process varied. Next, the sewing process is carried out. For example, for sandals, there are the addition of soles, while for treads and straps coated with sponge and cloth.

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