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The Philippines robust economy and fast growing urbanized population increasingly demanding for sophisticated taste and ever-growing access to supermarkets. F&B annual spending expected to reach 8.8 percent between 2017 – 2021 with the food and non-alcoholic drinks value at USD$164 billion accounted to 37 percent of essential spending of disposable income. Therefore Philippines remain a net food importer forecast to expand up to USD$8 billion annually from 2018.

Potential & demand grows of Halal Food sector especially for the Philippines micro and small entrepreneurs since 2017. Currently only captured Peso 5.52 billion on revenues from halal products or 8.73 percent of the country total exports whereby the global industry estimated bridging to USD$3 trillion and growing Muslim population. Despite Muslim in Philippines at around 11 million has acknowledged and begins beefing up its halal infrastructure to the take advantage of the growing halal trade spanning sectors such as food processing, food service, cosmetic & personal care, pharmaceutical, logistic. Etc. directly spurring to logistic and food packaging sector whereby in demands for packaging machinery, labelling& printing equipment, packaging container & material, etc.

Among the highlights will be happening in F&B Philippines 2019 are special organised F&B Trade-Talk, B2B business match session, Halal standard certification & auditing seminar, health food seminar, Cake & fruit carving competition and culinary demonstration.


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