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The habit of drinking coffee in Aceh, especially in Gayo, has been done since a long time ago, precisely since the Dutch era. Even Gayo culture cannot be separated from the habit of drinking coffee. So, when you visit there, you can see many coffee shops juxtaposed with various other snacks. Well, before we talk about why Gayo coffee is worth a try, tells some of its features.

Growing up in the Gayo highlands, this coffee has become a mainstay commodity owned by farmers. Even though Arabica coffee dominates the product here, but for Robusta coffee fans can also enjoy one of the best coffee in the world. From the results of flavor tests, Gayo coffee is considered very unique and unique. Why? Because after tasting, this coffee has a strong enough caramel flavor. Not only that, you can also find the taste of chocolate and the aroma of fruits .


Sumatra is one of the great romance coffees of the world. It is not simply that the Indonesian island of Sumatra embodies a Conradian romance of the unfamiliar. When it is at its best the coffee itself suggests intrigue, with its complexity, its weight without heaviness, and an acidity that resonates deep inside the heart of the coffee, enveloped in richness, rather than confronting the palate the moment we lift the cup.

To get an authentic taste of Gayo coffee, you are advised not to add white sugar or brown sugar because it will only eliminate the original taste. Simply brewed with hot water, then filtered so that thick coffee juice can be obtained. This character is the hallmark of Gayo coffee. But if you like sweet taste, you can add sugar according to taste. The key is to use boiling water so that the sugar and coffee dissolve immediately so that the original taste comes out.

have a nice trying gayo coffe  and feel the special taste . ( IA)


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