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Join, adventure and expand your halal Tourism business with us. Explore the various possibilities and the universe of Halal Tourism with integrated advertising solution packages.


Who We Are

We are the Pioneer of Indonesian digital Media that focus on Global Halal Business, Halal news and Halal Life styles. Wisatahalal as a part of Halal Channels Media Network will become the most strategic patners for Halal Tourism business owner and will be integrated guide for Indonesian and Global Muslim Travellers.

Jack Na

User experiences

El Muhammady

Web developer

El Bughury

Web designer

Ibnoe Ameer

UI designer
Connecting to the Global Halal Tourism Market

Wisata Halal

What We Will Do

Halal Tourism Media requires on new innovation, courage, and determination to open up new possibilities.. We bring wisatahalal to redefine the Halal Tourism digital media and brought it to a new possibilities to reach the Global Halal Tourism Market. we are offering a wide range of Destination Marketing Services to clients in the hospitality and tourism & travel industry to effectively connect with the fast growing Muslim travel market. Our in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behavior and specific needs ofthe Halal conscious traveler has enabled us to ensure our clients identify the right approach to effectively appeal to the hearts and mindsand capture a significant share-of-wallet of this segment.

We provide professional support and targeted solutions through customized strategic marketing plans that address the needs of the destination and businesses. Our dedicated team ensures that destination’s attractiveness is communicated to potential Muslim visitors with the intended brand positioning.

Connecting to the Global Halal Tourism Market


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